Success Stories

The dating success stories below reflect only a fraction of the emails we have received from past members who have taken the time to tell us about their successful fitness dates and positive experiences they have had on our site. If you have a Fitness Singles success story of your own you would like to share, please contact us.

Zena and Josh dating success story

Zena & Josh

Married January 28, 2017

July 7, 2013 was our first date after meeting on Fitness Singles. Josh proposed February 20, 2016 on the beach at sunset during our vacation to Sanibel Florida. We were married January 28, 2017 in Toronto Canada!

Why did you choose Fitness Singles?

Zena: I worked with a colleague who had met her boyfriend on Fitness Singles. She referred me to the website as I live an active lifestyle and I wanted to meet someone who shared the same fitness interests that I have.

Josh: Wanted to meet a women with an active lifestyle.

How long were you on the website before you met?

Zena: I was on the website for two months before meeting Josh.

Josh: A week...LOL! Zena was "officially" the first woman I spoke with.

Who reached out to who?

Josh reached out to Zena.

What attracted you to each other?

Josh: Initially from the website, I liked her profile. Loved her pics! I knew I was going to marry Zena when we kissed at the end of our first date.

Zena: After corresponding from the site, we spoke on the phone for two weeks almost daily before our first date. I could talk with Josh for hours about anything and he always had me laughing! Of course, I thought he was handsome, but how he made me feel really attracted me to him.

How far away did the two of you live from each other?

20 km

What was your first date?

Zena: Sunday, July 7 - it was pouring rain. Josh was waiting for me at my door with an umbrella in hand as he opened the car door for me. A complete gentleman. We went to a wine bar downtown, which was a cute intimate spot. Drinks turned into dinner, and we spoke and laughed for hours. Not wanting the night to end, we went to a coffee shop before Josh dropped me home. I knew I would have a great time with Josh as we had spoken for two weeks on the phone before our first date. What I didn't know, was that was to be the last first date of my life!

What fitness activities do you enjoy together?

We enjoy working out at the gym, hiking, taking cross fit classes together. We have a cottage where we like to paddle board, canoeing, walking the trials, snowshoeing in the winter...

Amanda and Ryan Knuth dating success story

Ryan & Amanda

Married October 5, 2013

Ryan and I met for the first time online at Fitness Singles in September of 2012. Our first time meeting in person was on October 28, 2012, on our first date in Plymouth, MA. We had an instant connection and shared the whole day together, having breakfast, walks along the beaches, coffee at a cafe and dinner. It was that great day that led to many, many more.

Ryan says he fell in love with me on the first day we met while sitting together at dinner. My smile and laugh melted his heart. For me, it was shortly after when we had a picnic on Wardens Pond in South Kingstown, RI. His sweetness, romantic nature, motivated personality won my heart. His good looks and physically fit bod were a bonus. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whether we’re out on a run, in the gym, on a hike or relaxing on the couch with a cup of coffee in hand, our common interests allow us to be adventurous, have fun and enjoy each others time together. And adding a little competition to the mix keeps things interesting. ๐Ÿ˜Š

On October 5, 2013, Ryan dropped to one knee on Narragansett Town Beach just as the sun was setting and asked me to marry him. I said “Yes!” It was just perfect. On June 6th, 2015, we said our “I Doโ€™s” and became Mr. and Mrs. Knuth!

We may have not found each other without the help of Fitness Singles. Thank you for bringing us together!

Megan and Andy dating success story

Megan & Andy

Married September 10, 2011

Thank you for your amazing service! My husband and I met through your site in 2009 and celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in Sept 2014. I’d like to take a moment and tell you a little about the two of us, our love story and where we are now.

When I became a “Fitness Singles customer”, I had just moved back to the States from Mexico, where I taught yoga and managed a retreat center to care for my mother. I was working as a Master Trainer for a commercial gym for the time being. I was ready to start dating, but my social life consisted of gym time, adventure races and I wasn’t open to meeting “Mr. Right” at that time. I was there for fun and for me. My husband, Andy Hurdman, was transitioning in his career as a Pro-kiteboard competitor to a Board Sports coach and TV personality. He is a big kid with a bigger heart and has an amazing effect on people around him simply because of his genuinity. As much of an attention-lover as he is, he was shy in the romance area (which I absolutely adored!) So obviously, Fitness Singles was the perfect way to break the ice.

We had the typical online dating beginning, chatting online for a few days, chatting on the phone for a few days… then our first date. We met for lunch at a fun restaurant at the mall — yes, I played it safe (i.e. day date, public place) — and the conversation was effortless. We began dating from that point on. Andy was traveling a lot with a reality show he was shooting with Discovery Channel and I had begun training on my own with clients.

Katie Couric Show On February 14th, 2014, Megan and Andy appeared on the ABC talk show “Katie” to talk about how they met through Fitness Singles.

In February 2011, Andy took me to Mauii to meet his brother and his family there. If you’ve never been to Mauii, you have to go. It is simply magical! We had a wonderful visit, but the time change was killing me and after three days I still hadn’t been able to sleep. We were told that watching the sunset helps to reset the body’s clock naturally. So, Andy planned a nice sunset viewing. He packed wine and folding chairs and we were off. On the way to wherever we were going, Andy insisted on stopping to pick a ton of frangipanis and put them in a paper bag. With that, we were off again on our mission to watch the sunset. We pulled off to a dirt road that led to a cliff. We then proceeded to climb down that cliff to a small area that was flat and jutted out. It was just barely big enough to fit the two chairs. We then opened our bottle of wine and to my surprise, Andy pulled out the flowers, a needle, and thread. He began making a lei from the frangipanis as we watched the sunset. In the distance, we could see a family of whales. These whales headed straight for us and gave us a beautiful show of tail flapping, rolling and jumping with joy. It was so magical, the sunset, the islands in the background, the huge happy whales. I was moved to tears! At that moment, Andy asked me to stand up and close my eyes. Okay, this was terrifying! Remember we were on a small jutty on the side of a cliff and drinking wine! But he insisted and I did. When I opened my eyes, Andy was on his knee holding the lei out that he had just made. “Will you marry me?” asked Andy in a shaky voice. “Yes, get up, you crazy man,” I replied. We were both in tears, definitely emotional and in danger of falling off the face of that cliff at this point. We watched the whales say “goodbye” and before the last rays of sun, we were gone. We packed up our picnic to tell his family.

We married on Mauii in September 2011. Of course, it was a sunset wedding on the sandy beach and we were in sandals. The moment our vows were done, we paddled off into the sunset. It was an absolutely magical day and honestly, since our first date in 2009 it has been nothing less than magical.

Thank you again for your services without which life would be a lot different!

Ava and Fran

Ava & Fran

She: a bodybuilding psychotherapist, mom of three teens. For years, her husband told her that she could only live happily with a therapist who was into bodybuilding and nutrition. She secretly agreed and in quiet moments even fantasized about such a man, but the likelihood of finding him seemed relatively impossible. She was a big believer in the power of possibility, however, so she left her marriage and opened her heart. She carefully crafted her Fitness Singles profile and became the #1 most viewed for weeks and weeks. Emails were received by the thousands and she met some fascinating people, some of whom she remains friends with still today. She had cultivated a mindset for dating appreciation, so she never had a bad date. A quick note caught her attention because he was a local guy: fit, intelligent, understated and simply presented online. They exchanged emails a few times and a phone number. He called it and when his voice resonated in her ear that first time, she knew.

He: a bodybuilding psychotherapist, dad of three teens. For years, his wife told him that he could only live happily with a therapist who was into bodybuilding and nutrition. Secretly, he agreed but couldn’t imagine it possible. He exited his marriage and tried dating a bit, but decided he needed more time to focus on re-establishing himself and creating a new home for his boys. He committed to no dating for one whole year. As that year of regrouping came to an end, he had heard about Fitness Singles. He was cautious and signed up without a subscription at first. He was a browser and in his browsing, he saw her profile. With a glass of wine in hand, he became a subscriber just so he could write to her. His membership lasted approximately one month.

We met in person the last weekend of November in 2012. Our first date hasn’t ended yet. We created home together, with space for our respective six emerging adult children in May 2014. Each day, we cherish our life together.

Thank you Fitness Singles!

Kelly and Aaron dating success story

Kelly & Aaron

Married April 18, 2015

Aaron and I met on Fitness Singles in December 2012 and we immediately hit it off. After a few weeks of talking online every night, we met for lunch. We instantly had an amazing connection. We have so much in common. We were both looking for a partner that considered fitness a top priority in their life. We are both runners and enjoy weight lifting very much. Since the day we met, I knew he was the one and we have both not only found a running partner and a weight lifting partner, but also a best friend.

We recently got engaged and will be getting married on April 18, 2015. We have Fitness Singles to thank for bringing us together!

Kathy and Jim dating success story

Kathy & Jim

I would like everyone to know how fortunate I feel to have found this site. I met the most incredible man: Jim! We have so much in common. I lost my husband several years ago and my first foray into online dating was actually on an “over 50” dating site. I DIDN’T like it. Married men kept contacting me.

I found your site while looking for a hiking club and liked the concept so much better. When I first joined I was afraid to pay for a membership and canceled my free subscription initially because I’d had such a negative experience on the other site. This was the only dating site I tried this time and I’m so happy I did. Fortunes can change very quickly, and I guess almost anything is possible if you don’t give up hope!

Jim is everything I could look for in a partner and we are looking forward to doing a lot of fun things together. Without your forum, we never would have met. We are getting married in May, just a small ceremony with all of our grown children in attendance. We’ve both been blessed with great kids and they are all VERY happy for us. Last year, we purchased 37 acres out in a rural area and are in the process of building a home. The property is heavily wooded with a creek, and we’re planning to cut trails all over it. Basically we have our own nature preserve!

Wish us luck. Thanks!

Mike and Mary Staszak dating success story

Mike & Mary Staszak

Michael and I met on Fitness Singles in May, 2012. He’s a physical therapist and I’m a licensed massage therapist. Activities we enjoy together include weights, yoga, running, hiking, cycling, and fun little 5k obstacle races. :) We have so much in common. We fell in love almost immediately and married in December.

We could not feel more blessed. Every morning we wake up and say "Wow! We get to be married again today!" Through Fitness Singles, we've found a love more profound than we thought imaginable.

Thank you!

Dating success story

Mr. & Mrs. Davies

Despite having listed sports that were fairly different on our profiles — football, running and hill walking vs climbing, surfing and triathlon — we both love getting out running, mountain biking and hill walking together.

We hit it off straight away via the Fitness Singles site messages, then we swapped numbers for texts and phone calls, meeting up only a couple of days after our initial contact. We both left the site within the week and never looked back!

Our friends were all quite shocked that we’d met online, but at our wedding at least three friends came with their long-term partner who they’d met after they had followed our lead and dated online. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Our advice to sporty singletons is when you hit Fitness Singles, know what you’re looking for, but be prepared to travel further afield. Keep an open mind and follow your heart not your logic! We lived 125 miles apart, but now live together and are married after Gary relocated to my town in Lincolnshire. We both put lots of time and effort into seeing each other, and were upfront and honest about wanting a full, committed relationship that was going somewhere :-) We would never have met without Fitness Singles, so thank you for offering a great service and keep up the good work!

Audra and James dating success story

Audra & James

My husband and I met through your site. We are both very active and that is why the two of us joined. We have been married now for two years! The site is really nice because you don’t have any BS and everyone that the two of us met were active and great people! This year, we bought our first house together! Last year we did our firsttri together and that was amazing for me because I had never one before!

We were meant to be together and without this site, we would of never met because we lived two hours apart and neither one of us had any friends in common. I met my life partner because of this site! Thank you!

  • dating success storiesLisa and Shane

In Love and Busy Enjoying Our Active Lifestyle

Shane and I met on Fitness Singles in January 2009. Both of us love to run and do triathlons so that’s what attracted me to his profile. 3+ years later, and we’ve done tons of running races together, one triathlon — he’s done several; I took a break — and the relay races of all relay races, Hood to Coast. We are currently engaged and have a three month old baby boy, Declan. We are getting married in June 2013.

After talking on the phone for a couple of weeks with Shane, I agreed to go to dinner for our first date. The funny thing was that when I was looking at his profile again so I could remember what he looked like, I realized that I couldn’t see his face in any of the pictures. Either it was shaded or he was in such a position that his face wasn’t showing. I started to freak out a little. At that point, I had enjoyed our conversations and was starting to really like him just based on talking to him on the phone. I must have been attracted to his body or something. How had I never realized that you couldn’t see his face in the pics? I concluded that he must be really unattractive (otherwise why would his face be hidden?) and was immediately bummed but still agreed to go to dinner with him. When he picked me up, he was driving a Ford Expedition so I still couldn’t see what he looked like until I opened the door. (I don’t mind that he didn’t open the door for me.) Much to my surprise and excitement, he was handsome! Yay! I must’ve been so happy that when I stepped up to get in his truck I slipped and FELL into his truck. So embarrassing! We couldn’t stop laughing! The rest of the date went really well and I felt so comfortable with him. And, as a bonus, I thought he was hot! We’ve been together ever since.

I never tried any other dating site before meeting Shane. I always stayed with Fitness Singles so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I liked that I could find other singles who enjoyed running and triathlons as much as I do, which was an important attribute in finding my soul mate. Thank you for your service. Without it I wouldn’t have found the love of my life and have our beautiful baby boy.

Much Love,
Lisa, Shane & Declan

  • Susan and Phil success storySusan and Phil success story

Married While On the Run

Under sunny skies on Sunday, April 29th, 2012, Susan and Phil exchanged wedding vows at the half way point of the Huronia Half marathon in Midland, Ontario, Canada. The couple who met three years ago on was drawn to each other because of their mutual interests of running, biking and outdoor activities.

On their first date, Susan joined Phil at his Learn to Run 5k clinic that he was co-coaching. Since then, they have participated in three half marathons and a full marathon together. Instead of a traditional tux and wedding dress, the couple laced up their running shoes with Phil wearing a tuxedo technical t-shirt designed especially for the groom by a friend while Susan ran in white Lotta Breeze Capri, Wonder Girl Tank and Runner’s Dream Long Sleeved Top from Skirt Sports along with her veil. While on the run, the couple were joined by 20 running friends all wearing purple technical shirts with the slogan “Going the Distance” on the back.

Thanks Fitness Singles for helping us find each other!

—Susan & Phil

  • dating success storiesPenny and Adam

In Love and Busy Enjoying Our Active Lifestyle

We thought we would like drop you a line to thank you, Fitness Singles, since without you we would never have met! We first got together through Fitness Singles in March 2011, and we find ourselves a year later, living together, and wait for it … yes … I proposed to Adam on the 29th of February this year. We have not set a date as yet, but hopefully we will be wed by the end of the year or early 2013, since we are too busy having an active time of it cycling, climbing, running and mountaineering to cram much else in this year.

Thank you again. Sorry no invites going out. It will be just the two of us.

— Penny & Adam

  • Janelle and BrendonJanelle and Brendon

I Knew Never to Give Up!

A wonderful success story! After being on the site for three years, I finally found him! I knew never to give up! He is the most wonderful man — smart, hardworking, loving, caring, funny, dorky, good-looking, and can dance =).

For him, it was beginner’s luck. First time on the site and he sent a message on September 7, 2011. A week later, we went on our first date and have been together, enjoying adventures ever since =). We are getting ready for our wedding next week! Leap year day, February 29, 2012, in Yosemite National Park!

I have his aunt to thank for getting him on the site. Thank you Fitness Singles for all the crazy dating stories I now have and for bringing my love to me!

— Mrs. Brendon C.

  • dating success storiesdating success stories

Now We Paddle for the Same Team

Todd and I enjoy paddling on dragon boats here in Ottawa, Canada. In fact, Todd had paddled on my employer’s team for several years — but I paddled on a different boat! Todd and I both owned custom road bikes from the same specialty shop here in Ottawa. But we had never crossed paths, despite being less than 12 km apart in distance and ten months apart in age. Fitness Singles changed all that for us when we met in October 2010. Todd proposed to me seven months later while we were getting a couples pedicure. (Runners get a lot of callouses, right?) Our God-centred marriage took place in February 2012 in Jamaica. We feel blessed to have found each other. And now we paddle for the same team.

— Todd & Kerry

  • Sean and Pameladating success stories

His Profile Sought a Happily Ever After

It was a fairy tale ending to a whirlwind romance, and we have Fitness-Singles to thank for helping us find each other. Sean found me on-line in November and we started running together a few days later. Our first date was a 5K followed by a half-marathon later in the day. Amazingly, we run about the same pace. Sean can keep up with me (in sports and in life.) He proposed on New Year’s Day and we were married on February 18, 2012. We are planning to run the Chicago Marathon together in October. Dreams can come true!

— Sean & Pamela

  • dating success storiesdating success stories

Facing a Bright and Happy Future

Despite the distance from the Central Outback to the East Coast — I have met a wonderfully engaging partner through this site. If not for Fitness Singles, we would never know how connected we actually are on all levels! Learning about each others environments from Desert Dolphins to Noosa National Park and ensured all the kangaroos are in the top paddock. This keeps the kookaburras laughing and we are exceptionally happy.

I met quite a few interesting people and have made some good friends through the site, but am especially pleased to now be facing a bright and happy future with someone extra special I can share all aspects of my life with. Just need him to blow in from the sand scrapes on a permanent basis! Let it rip Hughie!

The biggest bonus of the site is finding people of like minds and levels of activity. I liked the whole concept of this site. The fact you could contact people using various methods and block any unseemly contacts, gave me confidence to initiate contact and conversation. And it all paid off — big time!

Thanks from two very happy clients / customers. Still can’t wipe the smile off our faces. :D

— Jenny & Dean

  • dating success storiesathletic singles

The Fitness Singles Miracle!

When I was a little girl, I thought every woman at some time in their lives met a man, fell in love, and got married. As I got deeper into my thirties, I began to think that maybe that fate did not apply to everyone. Perhaps Cupid had forgotten all about me. I am a registered nurse managing a busy schedule with little time for myself in a big, busy city like Miami that I’ve discovered was very difficult to start a relationship of any kind of substance. I guess you could say there was undoubtedly someone missing in my life. When I first started dating, internet wasn’t even around. I would have never have thought that I would meet the man I was to marry on the internet. I had always thought it was not only mechanical but unromantic venue.

In January of 2009, while exploring the parameters of Fitness Singles, my path crossed with Rudy’s, a fellow member of your site. At first, we exchanged emails asking and answering questions about each other, our friends, family and our careers. Eventually, we worked our way to a phone call and things continued to develop swimmingly. We finally agreed to meet each other for dinner on Super Bowl Sunday two years ago. Much to my surprise, on the morning of our first date he described the restaurant he had chosen for us to dine in a very touching and romantic email.

Just off State Road 84 in Fort Lauderdale is a family-style Italian restaurant called Anthony’s Runway. The bar and booths are crafted from that of an airplane fuselage. He told me that perhaps I would soon be embarking on an adventure of some kind. He reminded me to search for an inconspicuous wooden plaque near the entrance of the restaurant that would not be apparent to anyone unless they looked for it. Engraved on it was the Unfailing Prayer to Saint Anthony, patron saint of miracles and missing persons. (How appropriate.) Go figure?!

That day was the first of a long series of dates that took us to many exciting destinations like Paradise Island, Isla Mujeres, Nantucket, the Keys, Indian Rock Beach, New York, Cancun and finally culminating in a wedding proposal on Christmas Eve of 2010. What I had been longing to find for so long was achieved when I least expected it on your internet dating site, and with a romantic spin that I would never have imagined nor expected. We are scheduled to be married on the Sunday after Thanksgiving at the Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach. While Cupid may have fallen asleep on the job, little did I know that Saint Anthony always had my back.

— Jenny & Rudy

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I Didn’t Think I Would Actually Meet My Husband!

When I first signed up with Fitness Singles, I anticipated finding cool workout partners, someone to road race with and just get out on new outdoor adventures. I didn’t think I would actually meet my husband!

I met my husband, Jake, on your site. We went on a 12 mile hike along Sunset Beach to Huntington Beach Main Street and back to our car. This was our first date. This was the bike trail I ran every morning before work. Jake and I clicked perfectly, immediately. Everything he wanted to see happen in his future was what I wanted to happen in my future. We had a ton in common, and later I gave him several personality psychology questionaires to determine his personality identity. This was important to me, and we soon found out, our personalities complement each other.

We both were looking for each other. He told me he was hoping to meet his wife on Fitness Singles. Now we’re married and have a baby boy due March 14, 2011.

— Marisa & Jake

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Once a Skeptic, Now a Believer!

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I first signed up with Fitness Singles. But I was having such a challenge finding single men my age who value an active lifestyle that I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

I met a number of guys that were all really terrific and very compatible within the first few weeks. After about six weeks, it became evident that one of these guys really stood out above the rest. We are now in an exclusive relationship and are very happy.

Thank you Fitness Singles!

Although I had a great experience with Fitness Singles, I hope I never have to use your service again! :-)

— Karen & Tracy

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He Is the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me

Thank you Fitness Singles! I had been on Match, eHarmony and Plenty of Fish, and I finally met “The One” on your site. I met my wonderful Marine last Febuary 2010 and we are now engaged to be married May 7th, 2011. I was on your site for about three months and was not really looking for the body builder type. I was looking more for an active, athletic guy that would do races with me, hike, bike, swim, etc. So, I decided to change my profile and be direct, and ask for exactly what I was looking for.

I was living a very active lifestyle and wanted a partner in life. I had been on so many dates from the other sites, but never found a permanant love interest. I started to get frustrated and let my subscription lapse. I did not know other members could still see my profile. One day, Brian saw mine and sent me an email. When I clicked through his pictures, I was immediately captivated by one picture that had been taken while he was deployed in Iraq. There was something kind and honest about his eyes. I had to email him, but I could not do so without re-subscribing. So I did and found my man! We laugh about how I had to pay to go on my first date with him. When we got engaged in October, he told me he paid me back! I'll say ;-)

We are so excited and in the process of planning our May wedding. The moral of this story is never give up and ask for what you want; you may actually get it. Thank you so much Fitness Singles, the only dating site that actually worked for me!

— Sherrie

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Best Friends, Soul Mates and So Much More

We met on Fitness Singles in February of 2010. I knew from the beginning that something was different and very special about Michael. We had an immediate deep connection and began a month long communication, mostly over email, getting to know each other more deeply before meeting. By the time we met in person, we’d already fallen in love with one another and the chemistry we experienced the first time we met instantly proved it.

From the moment we met, we’ve been inseparable and have become deeply connected partners on every level. Our relationship and compatibility extends far beyond what either of us had even dared to dream for before we met one another. We are truly best friends, soul mates and so much more. From our love of the outdoors and being active together to the comfort we feel when just hanging out at home together, we couldn't imagine our lives without one another. We were married on October 2, 2010, and continue on our journey through life together, with the comfort of knowing that we have our soul mate and best friend by our side through it all.

Thank you, Fitness Singles, for helping us find one another. We are truly blessed beyond measure!

— Julie & Michael

P.S. This was Michael’s statement in his “More About Him” section of his profile and proves that dreams really do come true: “I don’t want to put any pressure on anyone, but… I’m hoping to be on one of those commercials which talk about how successful internet dating is, so… you must do your part to make this dream come true. ;-) ”

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I Tell People That I Batted 1000

In November 2007, I went on a Google search to find an out-of-state adventure racing company. My search was a dead end (i.e., it no longer does adventure races). However, along the side of the Google page there was a heading, “Meet Adventure Racing Singles.” Since my racing partner was climbing the Himalayas, I was looking for a new racing partner. When I clicked the link, I was a bit shocked to find it was an internet dating site. At first, I laughed and said I don’t have time for internet dating.

But then I read your home page and started to think how nice it would be to meet someone who does the same stuff that I do. I was so used to mountain biking, running, etc. by myself because no one I dated had interest in such activities. I reluctantly started to surf around your website. That day I signed up for 30 days. I thought I would see what was out there. I was shocked to find that I wasn’t bombarded with a bunch of cheesy lines, etc. Instead, I was approached by a handful of guys interested in adventure racing and past/future races.

There was one guy that I had ongoing conversations with, long conversations, online for a couple of weeks. When I returned from snowboarding in Crested Butte, CO, we met up for the first time to talk about Colorado riding. Almost three weeks after I logged on, I met Dennis for a date. He was the only one that I had interest in meeting. He was the only one I gave my phone number to. He and I met for the first time and became inseparable. He introduced me to rock climbing, which became an instant passion. He and I mountain bike, raft, hike and snowboard together. That spring I found a new adventure racing partnerโ€ฆ and he’s now my husband.

I tell people that I batted 1000. I got online, met one guy and signed off. Success! For three years we’ve traveled extensively in search of new adventures. Dennis and I were married two months ago in Railay Beach, Thailand. We combined our destination wedding with our passion for climbing. Thailand has world renown rock climbing so we traveled to the other side of the world without hesitation. We tell people our success story and it balances out the bad online stigma. Thanks Fitness Singles!

— Beth

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He Is the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me

Lou and I met in November 2006 through Fitness Singles. We almost DIDN’T meet, because he emailed my account while I was traveling for business. When I returned from my trip, I logged on and responded to his email. However, his subscription had expired during the time I was away. He decided a few days later to renew for one more month, and that is when we began exchanging emails. We emailed each other for about a month, and met for the first time on December 22, 2006. We had dinner and talked for over three hours. It was the best first date I had ever had. A week later we went on our second date and talked either on the phone or in person every day since then.

We got married in Sonoma Valley, California on June 28th, 2009. It was a destination wedding and 25 family members and friends joined us. It was the perfect location and a perfect day for us. We have continued to live a life of good health and fitness. We are so grateful for Fitness Singles. Without you, we would have never met. I can’t imagine life without him. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you!

— Donna

  • dating success storiesathletic singles

Everything We Had Been Looking For

I decided to try Fitness Singles for only 30 days. One of the first days I browsed through and saw this very attractive, tall guy. I passed him by because I thought that picture probably wasn’t him. I mean how can this gorgeous guy be single?

Well Jeff saw who browsed through his account and saw my profile. He liked the fact I had tattoos and was complete opposite of him. The only problem was Jeff lived in AZ and I lived in CA. Four hour drive time.

That didn’t stop us from meeting at least one time to see if we had any connection. We called our first meeting a “pre date,” just in case it didn’t work out. Well on our real “first” date, Jeff told me that he was done looking and that I was the one. I laughed, because we have all heard that one before. I smiled and let it go.

Two days later, I said to him, “So does this mean we are boyfriend/girlfriend?” We have been together ever since! One year after we were dating, he got a job transfer to MO and asked if I wanted to move with him. We had been dating long distance for a year, which was really hard since we only saw each other once a month. But at the same time it was nice to be able to see someone four days in a row, like a mini vacation!

Two years later, Jeff asked me to marry him. After happily saying yes, we built a house together and opened up a fitness business. A year later we were married. Two weeks after our wedding, we found out we are going to have our first child together!

Now at the age of 33, we can’t believe we have everything we had been looking for. Each other!

— Rochelle

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For Those of You Who Don’t Believe, Believe!

For those of you who don’t believe, believe! I am just your average male that was overseas when I met the most amazing girl on this site while in Iraq. Go ahead and giggle if you must, but it’s true. I surfed through the pages for a bit until I found a girl that caught my eye. I didn’t think anything of it honestly. Heck, I didn’t really believe myself but I sent her a simple email not thinking she would ever respond! A few days later, she responded with a wonderful email. I was still wondering if this was for real so I sent another in response to her email. Well, that turned into many emails and we chatted for several months until I came home. I met her the day I landed and I have been grinning ear to ear ever since.

We both are head over heels with each other and I know deep down that she is “the one.” I never thought I would meet such a beautiful, amazing and smart girl over the internet while in Iraq. Thanks for the help Fitness Singles! I wouldn’t have found the girl of my dreams without this site!

— Dave & Megan

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Love at First Sight

Our first date was incredible and I was blown away. It was love at first sight. I just knew that my life was going to change immediately and boy, was I right! My second date, I told my daughter “this is the man I am going to marry.” There was chemistry on both sides and it was very strong. Even though we lived about 1000 miles apart, he still made an effort to see me every weekend. We both live a healthy lifestyle, eat clean six days a week — one day is our cheat day :) — and our daily insane gym sessions made it a perfect connection!

After dating for just nine weeks — yes, that is nine weeks — he proposed to me and I did not have to think about it. We are soul mates. After a two month engagement we flew to Hawaii for a very romantic beach wedding. We moved to CA in May 2010. I have to say he took my breath away when we met and still takes my breath every day!

Thank you Fitness Singles!

— Carolyne

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I Found My Mountain Man

I wasn’t looking to get involved with any dating websites, but I signed up for Fitness Singles because I thought it would help me to get out and enjoy the mountains more and maybe find a guy who is active since that is an important quality to me. John was the first guy to email me the very same evening I put my profile up. I looked at his profile and decided to go ahead and pay the fee to use the site and take a chance. What did I have to lose?

What I found was just how much I had to gain. John and I really hit it off on our “dirt date” when we hiked up to an overlook to watch the sun set. A couple of weeks later in June, I spent his birthday with him and we actually got to ski together. We had an amazing time! Then John shared his passion for mountain biking with me and inspired me to take up the sport as well. We have shared many trail kisses and lift kisses in the two years since we’ve been dating and are very much looking forward to a bright future together. Not only did we find each other on Fitness Singles, but we also have other friends here in Salt Lake City who we met from the site and even attended the wedding of one such friend who also met her husband on Fitness Singles. The quality of the people in this community has been wonderful and we have said out loud on several occasions, “Thank you, Fitness Singles!”

True love is out there. Don't give up!

— Jenni

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A Match Made in Heaven

Roberto and I met via Fitness Singles two years ago and have been happily dating ever since. We both share a love for triathlons and life in general, so it was a match made in heaven. After emailing each other through Fitness Singles for several weeks, we met up and have been together ever since. We're both shy and not into the club scene, so we probably never would have met had it not been for this great site that connects physically active adults with a passion for life.

— Bridget & Roberto

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Other Sites Did Not Hold a Candle to Fitness Singles

Yours was the first online dating site I have ever used. I went on a few other sites but got out of them quickly as they did not hold a candle to your site. I like how easy, clear it is to use Fitness Singles and especially liked a lot of the special features you had including the quality of photos, IM (a few problems there that need to be ironed out in regards to it not working properly on more than a few occasions) and being able to zoom in on other folks who shared my passion for certain sports etc.

I have met and dated a variety of men on this site and all were terrific guys. I find that Fitness Singles acts as a very good filtration system enabling me to directly access men who are very active like me.

I am signing off this site now after six fun months of chatting with men all over the world. A little while ago, John discovered me and we have been dating seriously for four months and we have both decided to come off your site and pursue our new relationship. Thanks again. I had a blast!

— Jill

  • Renee and Bryanathletic singles

I now am married to my soul mate

I’d like to say to those who doubt the success of meeting your soul mate online. It can happen and it did, to me. I never believed in a soul mate until I met my now husband here on Fitness Singles in February of 2009. We were living in opposite ends of the U.S., but he noticed my profile, contacted me, and then the fairytale continues from there. We knew we were made for each other from the beginning. I now am married to my soul mate and my best friend. So don’t give up gals & guys. The right one is out there, it just has to be the right time of your life to meet “the one.”

— Renee & Bryan

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Fitness Singles: The perfect place for two
committed athletes to meet

Kera and I both began using Fitness Singles in the summer of 2008. I had never used an online dating service before as meeting and dating women was never an issue for me, but meeting the kind of woman I would like to was another story. Kera, on the other hand, had tried various online dating sites and had sworn them off forever. One day while searching for races to run over the summer, she discovered Fitness Singles and was intrigued with a site that catered specifically to activities she enjoyed and decided to join.

I am a 48 year old research scientist and professor at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. I am a cat-2 cyclist and have completed many marathons. Kera was living in Vail, CO and enjoyed a variety of sports including running, triathlons, mountain biking and telemark skiing. We now live together in Colorado Springs where we enjoy all these activities together.

After talking for two hours on the phone every night for a week, we met in Vail and our first date was biking over Vail Pass. Since then we have spent every weekend together for nearly a year and will be getting married on August 1st. Since our first meeting we have participated in telemark skiing, snowshoe races, bicycle races, hut trips, mountain biking in Moab and running.

— Rory

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We fell in love in an instant

This is actually the 2nd note I’m sending to Fitness Singles. I met a lovely woman on your website in June of last year. Her profile name was janinej, a self-professed sporty and feisty girl from England. Well we fell in love in an instant and we are zeroing in on a date in November to be married.

So I say thank you to the good folks at Fitness Singles for bringing her to me. I couldn’t be any happier. It’s worth mentioning that when I found her profile I had decided that my search which led me to her was to be my last. Great save guys.

— Michael

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I found Laura because of Fitness Singles and
with Laura I have found true happiness

I guess in the big scheme of things I had my subscription for a very short period of time and had met some nice people but not the one. And then I saw a photo of a beautiful woman that caught my eye and as I read her somewhat quirky profile I could not resist but to e-mail her. She was looking for someone to help her with Golf and she also had mentioned she liked pancakes. I could not help her with golf but I do like pancakes. Within a few days we met for brunch one beautiful fall morning in Virginia. We had pancakes.

It is almost eight months later and we are engaged and we have just found a house for us. Our fitness lifestyle may be a bit different from each other but it is part of what we do and it links into a lot of what we do. I could not be happier. I have found someone who I truly love and her dedication to fitness puts a smile on my face every time she gets out of the shower.

I found Fitness Singles because of my triathlons - I found Laura because of Fitness Singles - and with Laura I have found true happiness.

— Gary

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Your website works!

Your website works! I’m a health and fitness professional (teach exercise on PBS TV,) not into bars and so I thought I’d try your website. I went on a date on July 4th and we just knew we had something very special. We married January 12th. Thanks!

— Suzanne and Glenn

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A genuine meeting place for like
health and fitness minded people

Thank you Fitness Singles! I had been using those other sites to find a partner but with no success. A friend suggested Fitness Singles and after just one week on your site I met the girl of my dreams. Who would have thought an Australian and a New Zealander could be so compatible? We have our love of fitness together, but after a few weeks of emails we discovered so much more.

Thank you for running a genuine meeting place for like health and fitness minded people. We are looking forward to our lives together thanks to you bringing us together!

— Trent

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Fitness Singles helped us get our “act together”

I actually went on Fitness Singles to meet someone and ended up dating the owner of my gym, Neal. Interestingly enough, when I went on a date with Neal, he said that he also noticed me on Fitness Singles (because he was a member of Fitness Singles.) So, this is a success story because Neal didn’t realize I was single and looking for a relationship and Fitness Singles helped us get our “act together.” We are now happily engaged and in the process of organizing a 2008 wedding!

The attached photo is from a friend’s wedding in the Adirondacks of New York, where both Neal and I ran a 5k in the morning and were dancing by the evening!

— Jessica

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We were instantly at ease with each other

Nina and I met online here at Fitness Singles. She was a former member of the Russian National Track & Field Team and I was a Two Time USA Track National Champion. We found very quickly that we understood each other, and found a remarkable simalarity to our life’s experiences. Online emails went to IM’s, which went to text messages and then phone calls. I had the date somewhere, but I actually I told her I loved her about three days after we started talking on a consistent basis.

A month after I met her online, I went from my home in Albuquerque, NM to visit her in Tuscon, AZ. We found that everything that was great about our relationship online and over the phone was even better in person. Three weeks later, Nina dropped everything and moved to NM to live with me. We were instantly at ease with each other.

— Nina & Brendan

  • Arnold and Deviathletic singles

We share the same lifestyle and the chemistry was there

I enjoyed the my time on Fitness Singles. I met a wonderful woman with whom
I made a great connection. We decided to pursue a relationship together and hopefully it will continue to grow into something special. Even though were four and a half hours apart, that was not a deterrent for us since we share same lifestyle and upon first meeting the chemistry was there. We will be travelling back and forth at least a year before a decision of relocating is made.

We would like to thank Fitness for provided the opportunity for us to meet. Many thanks!

— Arnold & Devi

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I found the person I have always wanted

Down here in Oz I managed to find the most amazing woman beyond my dreams in the States. We are now engaged. We are planning on getting married April next year in Hawaii. Thanks Heaps for your site. It is from this I found the person I have always wanted.

— Matt

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When you meet that right person, you just know!

I believe that every great relationship starts with a great friendship and that is what I have found on Fitness singles. I have met an extraordinary man who complements me in more ways that I had every imagined possible. Within a week and a half, I flew down to San Francisco to meet this amazing person. We spent three incredible days together and we both knew that we wanted to build a life together. It is true of what they say... “when you meet that right person, you just know!”

Thank you Fitness Singles for being a part of our story.

— Kathy

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We’re so comfortable together — we just fit

I can’t believe how lucky I am! I was only on the site a few days before I got an e-mail asking me out on a cycling date... a man of action you could say! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and every time I think of him — I just get a big smile. He fills my heart.

It’s only been three months, but it feels like three years! We’re so comfortable together — we just fit. He’s everything I want. And when it’s right — it just works.

This was the best investment I’ve ever made. I never would have met him had I not signed on to Fitness Singles.

— Jennifer

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I will spend the rest of my life with her

We had dinner and a show three weeks ago and last weekend we were together all weekend and Monday. She is great and we already look deep into each others’ eyes. There is nobody else for me. I will spend the rest of my life with her. She found me on her last day of being a member. Lucky me.

Thanks so much for your great site.

— Jeff

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A wonderful venue for people with common athletic interests to meet

John and I met on Fitness Singles in October and had our first date on November 7th. He was on your web site getting help to train for a Mt. Whitney climb and I had signed up after learning about your site following the October Rock and Roll Half Marathon in San Jose last year. Your website is a wonderful venue for people with common athletic interests to meet. Thank you!

John and I are very much in love and undoubtedly will spend the rest of our lives with each other. He is a kind and generous man who makes me laugh daily! I don't think either of us could be happier and we would both like to thank you for creating the web site that brought us both together!

— Kerry

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