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All paid subscriptions are strictly non-refundable. All sales are final.

All paid subscriptions are charged in one payment. We do not offer monthly or other installment billing.

All subscriptions are recurring, meaning that they will auto-renew at the end of the purchased term unless the subscription is canceled 24 hours prior to the date of renewal.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, please go to the

page and click "Cancel Paid Subscription". This will schedule the cancellation of your subscription for the end of the current subscription term. Any remaining subscription time will still be honored unless you select the option to remove your profile immediately. After the cancellation date occurs no further charges will be made to your payment method. Unfortunately, Fitness Singles cannot pause, prorate or refund unused portions of subscriptions.

How do I cancel my auto renewal?

After logging in, go to the

page and click the "Cancel Paid Subscription" link.

How do I cancel my free membership?

After logging in, go to the

page and click the "Cancel Free Membership" link.

My Profile

In order to create a profile, click here.

Once a profile is created, our team of reviewers will review and hopefully approve the profile. This review process should take less than 24 hours. Creating a profile and joining our service is FREE!

For the best response, we highly encourage you to upload up to 40 photos to your profile.

Please create only one profile per person. If you have login difficulties, please get help. Do not create additional profiles.

Your profile is almost entirely editable. Most editing occurs in the My Profile section of the site. Photo editing occurs in the

page. Some profile changes will be immediate, others must be reviewed and approved for the profile changes to be accepted. We appreciate your patience.

My Messages

Every profile has a single email address that is associated with the profile. Your profile’s associated email address is found at

All correspondences between Fitness Singles and members will be sent to the email address that is associated with the member's profile (what we have on file).

My Photos

You may upload up to 40 photos to your profile. The maximum file size for any uploaded photo is 16 MB. If a photo file is 16 MB or larger, the photo will not upload to your profile. We accept JPG (jpeg), PNG, TIF, GIF and BMP files.

For additional details and requirements, please visit our FAQ page.

Every profile should have a Primary Photo. This is the photo that members will mainly see when they see your profile in various forms on the Fitness Singles website. All Primary Photos must show your face clearly (ideally, you should not wear sunglasses or other items that obscure your face). All Primary Photos must also be no less than 300 x 400 pixels. The profiles that receive the most response typically have at least three photos. Uploading as many photos as allowable will improve your chances of success on the site.


We are eager to hear your feedback regarding our service. If you have an idea for the improvement of our services or a constructive comment, generally, please let us know. If you have a technical or other question, please try to ascertain if we have a solution waiting for you within this "Contact Us" section. (Please see the list of topics, including "Technical Issue".)

Managing your profile, membership or subscription is essentially a self-service task. If you still cannot find the help you need, please do feel free to contact us using the appropriate topic listed above.

Technical Issue

If you have a specific technical question, please look for the solution within the contact section here and the list of available topics. You may also consult our FAQ section. If your question remains unresolved, then please alert us to it here and we will do our best to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Some technical matters require additional consultation with our Technical Department. Thank you for your patience, as this can add to the time it may take for resolving these matters.

Success Stories

To read a few of our success stories, click here.


If you have an issue with a charge that has been made to your account, please contact our billing support before contacting your financial institution. Once the charge is disputed with your financial institution, we are no longer able to assist with the billing discrepancy and we will no longer have the ability to issue any form of credits or refunds to your account.

Billing Inquiry

If you have a concern about billing, please let us know so that we can hopefully resolve it as soon as possible. Please note that all subscription purchases are strictly non-refundable (this includes prorated refunds, which are also prohibited). All subscription sales are final.

Please note that all subscriptions are also recurring—meaning that they will auto-renew at the conclusion of the subscription term you purchase (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) unless you cancel the subscription prior to the date of its conclusion (i.e. the renewal date). You may cancel at any time by clicking the "Cancel Paid Subscription" link on the

page. If you require our assistance with canceling, please contact us no less than 3 business days prior to that renewal date.

Finally, all paid subscriptions are charged in one, single payment, in USD. We do not offer monthly or other installment billing options.

Report User

Fitness Singles takes your security very seriously. We endeavor every day, 24/7, to detect, prevent and eliminate nefarious profiles, fakes, scammers, etc. One of the best ways we can help protect our members is to listen to you. If you have a suspicion about a profile or if you have been the victim of abuse or inappropriate behavior, please let us know so that we can investigate the incident and the member that has purportedly committed the offence. If we find compelling evidence corroborating your report or other evidence that is concerning, we will likely remove the offending user’s profile and will inform you of the outcome, sometimes with additional recommendations.

If you have written evidence regarding your negative encounter, please retain it (your on-site messages, for example) so that we can review it. If you have other evidence, please relate or provide it to us, if at all possible. Evidence is what enables us to be sure that what we are doing in response to your complaint is appropriate, fair and bona fide.

We appreciate any and all assistance you can provide in these endeavors. By working together, we can help create a more safe and enjoyable experience for all.

How do I become an affiliate?

To learn more about the Fitness Singles Affiliate Program or sign in to your account, please click here.


Please review the list of topics above. If your topic is simply missing, then please click here and fill out the form. Thank you.
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